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About the fund

The Fund for development of social projects "Samruk-Kazyna Trust" implements charitable projects and programs aimed at solving socially important issues for the population from the whole group of companies of JSC "Samruk-Kazyna".
The Fund's activities are carried out with the assistance of state bodies, the Government of Kazakhstan and experts in the field of public and social policy.
Administrators of charitable projects of the Corporate Fund are non-governmental organizations.


From 2010 to 2015, the group of companies of JSC "Samruk-Kazyna" supported charitable and sponsorship projects through a Single operator — "SK-Astana" in various socially significant areas.

In January 2016, as part of the business transformation Program of Samruk-Kazyna JSC group of companies, the Single operator SK-Astana was transformed into the Fund for the development of social projects Samruk-Kazyna Trust.

During this time our Fund:

A system of qualitative selection of socially significant projects
Transparency of financing procedures is ensured
Increased effectiveness of each project
1 250 000
the person received charitable assistance for the specified period


To promote improvement of social and economic life of the population and prosperity of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our priority:

  • helping people, communities in the social and health sector;
  • development of media, cultural community, development of human potential, strengthening of labor relations and investments in sustainable development of society;
  • the implementation of the regional program of social investments in the regions of presence of group of the Fund;
  • strengthening the reputation and promoting the image of the Fund and/or the Fund group.

Our principles

Social significance

Our trustees

Board of Trustees - a collegial body of management of the Social Development Foundation «Samruk-Kazyna Trust», which is composed of representatives of JSC "Samruk-Kazyna”, political and public figures as well as Kazakhstani and international experts.

Pirmetov Alisher Habibullaevich
Deputy chairman of "Samruk-Kazyna" JSC
Kadyrbayeva Akmaral Kuandykovna
Director of "Samruk-Kazyna" Corporate university
Urazaliev Nurlan Bekzadaevich
Head of the social projects service of "Samruk-Kazyna" JSC


Azbergenov Diyas Serzhanovich

Our team

Shildebaeva Asel Dulatovna
Deputy general director
Torekhanov Barlyk Adepkanovich
Director of project management Department
Akhmetova Gulsara Saylaubaevna
Director of administrative and legal department
Irgebaev Miras Nurlanuly
Director of corporate communications Department
Dzhusupova Aigul Temirhanovna

Chief Accountant

Isabekova Assem Amanzholkyzy
Senior Manager of the Corporate Communications Department
Moldabayeva Aizhan Kairzhanovna
Senior Manager of corporate communications Department
Klyshbaev Aset Asilbekovich
Senior manager of the Project Management Department
Duyseneeva Irina Sekdyunovna
Senior manager of the Project Management Department
Zhortekin Azamat Tulendyevich
Senior Manager of project management Department
Zhaksylykova Zhanar
Senior Manager of project management Department
Kulikov Dmitry Alekseevich
Senior manager of the Project Management Sector
Abenova Bayan Muratovna
Manager of the Project Management Department
Koshpesova Aigerim Askarovna
Manager of the Project Management Department
Kenesova Bekzat Omarkyzy
Manager of the Project Management Sector
Nauryzbai Adilet Batyrbekovich
Manager of the Project Management Department
Abdrakhmanova Alina Manarbekovna
Office Manager
Daripbaev Nur Erlanovich
Senior Manager of administrative and legal Department

Our partners

air astana  Казактелеком КазМунайГаз Қазақстан темір жолы Тау-Кен Самрук КАЗАХСТАНСКИЙ ОПЕРАТОР РЫНКА  ЭЛЕКТРИЧЕСКОЙ ЭНЕРГИИ И МОЩНОСТИ Объединенная химическая компания Казатомпром Фонд недвижимости «Самрук-Қазына» Казпочта АО «Самрук-Энерго» АО «KEGOC» Корпоративный Университет «Самрук-Казына» ТОО «Самрук-Казына Контракт» CSCC - Центр социального взаимодействия и коммуникаций ТОО «Самрук-Қазына Инвест» Qazaq air
SOS Детские Деревни Казахстана Фонд «Дара» Добровольное Общество Милосердие Kzhol  Общественный фонд "Замандас21" Фонд развития государственного языка «ШАРАПАТ» СИСТЕМА АВТОМАТИЗИРОВАННОГО ВЕЛОПРОКАТА В ГОРОДЕ АСТАНА Общенациональное движение Общенациональное движение Казахстан 2050 Конгресс Молодёжи Казахстана Национальная Волонтерская Сеть BI-Жулдызай Bilim Foundation ОФ "Большак К" Центр неотложной социальной помощи "РАЙ" Kazinform KTK .astanatv Хабар Kaztrk Эксперт Казахстан Караван The Steppe JasQazaq АО "Казконтент"
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